Hello and a warm welcome to you!

Life has been anything but boring in these last few months. This year saw the release of quirky horror film Ibiza Undead (2 lovely days filming) and me playing the Baron in Three Sisters at the Arts Theatre, West End. This year represents a return to the acting business for me, having been a specialist in the book department at Chiswick Auctions for nearly 4 years (and for sometime departmental head), I felt a sense of yearning to come back. The Auction world of course was not without its dramas!!

A little bit about me: I trained at East 15 with the inspirational Andrea Brooks, where I cut my teeth on Shakespeare, Chekhov and Sam Shepard (a strange mix!) I love exploring the psyche of characters and the human condition. When bringing a character to life, you should always find something likeable about the person you are inhabiting – a living creation with vulnerability, complexity and layers.

Currently I have just finished work on a radio version of Hamlet as Horiatio and Rosencrantz, two delightful days of recording, more details on that soon.

Thanks for popping by

Simon Brandon