Simply Shakespeare UK Interview

Simply Shakespeare UK is a film series of 15 min. Each Shakespeare play in just 15 mins- “Same story, same language, told simply.” Yes the whole story in just 15 mins! Perfect as an introduction for students, adults alike around the world as each film will have subtitles in over 20 languages, bringing Shakespeare to… Continue reading Simply Shakespeare UK Interview

Measure for Measure

Contemporary re-working of the Shakespeare’s problem play set in the british army. Director: Bob Komar Daniel Roberts – AngeloSimon Phillips – DukeKristopher Milnes – ProvostDawn Murphy – EscalusSimon Brandon – Claudio Review: Rare Adaptation is Thoughtful and Passionate; 22 October 2007 | by Bologna King Measure for Measure is one of Will Shakespeare’s unknown treasures, so… Continue reading Measure for Measure