Ruffian by Ralph Doubleday

Ruffian by Ralph Doubleday Read by AWL on 4 December 2017 As the 1967 drug fuelled Summer of Love morphs into the years of protest and assignation, an 18 year old school leaver from suburban London finds himself in a divided city. In a world of hostility and deceit there is, for a time, still… Continue reading Ruffian by Ralph Doubleday

A Tinkling of Cymbals

A Tinkling of Cymbals by Ralph Doubleday

A third of a century ago, London Hospitals were different from today. Consultant Surgeons and Physicians were not yet team leaders but princes of the NHS. Nevertheless in the age of Margaret Thatcher, a few hospitals were allowing the glass ceiling to crack a little and fewer still were becoming Gay friendly places to work.… Continue reading A Tinkling of Cymbals