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Ruffian by Ralph Doubleday

Ruffian by Ralph Doubleday
Read by AWL on 4 December 2017

As the 1967 drug fuelled Summer of Love morphs into the years of protest and assignation, an 18 year old school leaver from suburban London finds himself in a divided city. In a world of hostility and deceit there is, for a time, still love.

Old Charles – Stephen Omer

Young Charles – Alasdair Melrose

Fowler/Berzarin/RAMC Sergeant – Simon Brandon

Woman/MacFarlane – Mary Conlon

Girl/Helen – Hélène Le Bohec

Fiona/Mrs Fisher – Hilary Field

Director – Orsolya Nagy

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Rehearsed Reading

A Tinkling of Cymbals

A third of a century ago, London Hospitals were different from today. Consultant Surgeons and Physicians were not yet team leaders but princes of the NHS. Nevertheless in the age of Margaret Thatcher, a few hospitals were allowing the glass ceiling to crack a little and fewer still were becoming Gay friendly places to work. One of these was the Imperial Cancer Hospital Chelsea, where the Rev. Martin Stone was the Roman Catholic Chaplain.

As today one third of us would suffer from cancer and a quarter of us died from it, but AIDS was still unknown.

Martin Keith Hill
Claire Peri Linklater-Johnson
Fiona Mary Drake
Joe Simon Brandon
Yvonne Elizabeth Graham

Director Maurice Thorogood