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Sybil Sangster (Rosemary Macvie) former ventriloquist turned map seller has become Britain’s oldest woman, putting her longevity down to good blood and a lifelong interest in other people! There have been a string of disappearances in the local area spanning quite some time, but could there be any connection?What’s Grandma’s Little Secret?

Find out in;


Written and directed by Simon Brandon

Starring: Rosemary Macvie, Simon Gibbons, Simon Brandon, Clive Ward and Nadia Ostacchini. Produced by Simon Brandon, Simon Gibbons and Keith Balderson.A short film, filmed entirely on the iPhone XS. Running time: 10 mins approx. Available from 8pm on THURSDAY 31st OCTOBER to watch for FREE on YouTubeFacebook and at

Ladybird Studios MMXIX

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Showreel 2014

Simon Brandon’s Showreel featuring material from 1. Dumar (Feature) 2. Wannabes (BBCi) 3. Africa in her Blood (Feature) 4. Life is but a Dream (Short Film) 5. Fred Dinenage: Murder Casebook (TV)

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