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Baker and Dagger by Samantha Parry

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Love is a Minefield at the OSO Arts Centre

I will be appearing in Carolyn Pertwee’s play Love is a Minefield at the OSO Arts Centre on Thursday 15th March as part of Dispatches; an evening of new writing, starting at 8pm.

Details included below:

Dispatches: Scratch Writing at the OSO

Come see London’s newest theatrical voices! The OSO is hosting its inaugural scratch writing night, Dispatches, with seven short plays presented over the course of the evening followed by an opportunity to give your feedback to the writers. You’ll be helping build the next generation of both Barnes and London writing talent in an fantastic, unique opportunity to see and have a hand in all-new, exciting plays.

Thu 15 Mar 2018, 8:00PM Book Now

Rehearsed Reading

Ruffian by Ralph Doubleday

Ruffian by Ralph Doubleday
Read by AWL on 4 December 2017

As the 1967 drug fuelled Summer of Love morphs into the years of protest and assignation, an 18 year old school leaver from suburban London finds himself in a divided city. In a world of hostility and deceit there is, for a time, still love.

Old Charles – Stephen Omer

Young Charles – Alasdair Melrose

Fowler/Berzarin/RAMC Sergeant – Simon Brandon

Woman/MacFarlane – Mary Conlon

Girl/Helen – Hélène Le Bohec

Fiona/Mrs Fisher – Hilary Field

Director – Orsolya Nagy

Click for writer profile – Ralph Doubleday

Rehearsed Reading

Love is a Minefield by Carolyn Pertwee

Read by AWL on 17 July 2017
Competition Night: Don’t Go There

Simon Brandon as Lt. Tim Gregson

Carolyn Pertwee as Joan Gregson

Georgia Riley as Molly Blake

Director – Kenneth Michaels

Writer – Carolyn Pertwee

Behind the Scenes Rehearsed Reading

Alfred by Eileen Morrison