Performance Notices Rehearsed Reading

Show Me the Child by Wally Sewell

Actors & Writers London
7th April 2014 Show Me the Child by Wally Sewell
Photographs by Paddy Gormley

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Performance Notices Rehearsed Reading

Virgin Sunset by Brian O’Connell

Read by AWL on 10 March 2014
as part of a Showcase evening

Performed by
Simon Brandon
Martin Cort
Charlie Dupré
Phoebe Elliott
Hilary Field
Nadia Ostacchini
Terry Perkins
Colin Pinney
Michael Swatton
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Brian O’Connell

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Performance Notices Rehearsed Reading

Rehearsed Reading at OPENShop

Dear Friends, I will be appearing in a rehearsed reading of six short plays on the 24th January at OPENShop.

The performance starts at 7:30pm and tickets are a fiver.

It would be loverly to see you there.

Details are as follows:

Some of you may remember a performance of six plays at OPENEaling‘s farewell party in their previous home on Uxbridge Road.

Now two of those playwrights, Liam O’Grady and Wally Sewell – whose plays The Adventure of the Crying Boy and Royal Wedding were recently performed at OPENShop – are to have six more of their plays performed.

SIX short plays, plays both comic and macabre, will be given a performed reading at OPENShop on Monday 25th November, 7.30pm.

Entry £5, come along for what promises to be an intriguing and entertaining evening.

Plays include:

-Poppy and the Clockwork Man
-The Last Supper
-Doctor I’m in Trouble
-…And the Ecstasy
-Journeys End

A performed reading by Fleur Shepherd, Joan Blackham and Peter Saracen. Directed by Anthony Shrubsall

Address: OPENshop 13 Drayton Green Road, W13 0NG

See more events at OPENshop here.

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Personal Messages

Simply Shakespeare UK Interview

Simply Shakespeare UK is a film series of 15 min. Each Shakespeare play in just 15 mins- “Same story, same language, told simply.”

Yes the whole story in just 15 mins! Perfect as an introduction for students, adults alike around the world as each film will have subtitles in over 20 languages, bringing Shakespeare to the masses in a way that is easy to understand.

The concept comes fresh from Caley Powell and Helen Oakleigh.

Find them on Facebook & Twitter @SimplyShakeUK

Thanks for your support.

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Performance Notices Theatre

‘Bring the Bucket’ – a new dark comedy by BeFrank

‘Bring the Bucket’ – a new dark comedy by BeFrank Theatre Company at Richmix, Shoreditch

Chuggers (street fundraisers) armed with buckets are as common a feature of London’s streets as black cabs and red buses. These platoons of enthusiastic youths strategically deployed on London’s busy streets are another obstacle to overcome as you go about your daily business. Each attempt to prick your conscience and help you become a better person – the sick, the poor, the homeless, the environment – it doesn’t stop.
But who are the people shaking the buckets?
How committed to the cause are they?
And what happens to all of that cash?

“Bring the Bucket” takes a comic look at what takes place between two chuggers as they change shifts and comment on London’s citizens as they rush by, each determined to avoid digging deep into their pockets or bank accounts. It’s an entertaining, lightly provocative dark comedy that reflects on a part of the moral decline in today’s western society.

“Bring the Bucket is a witty and current portrayal of life for newly graduated young people in London.”

Written and directed by Tommy Lexen

Cast: Kate Brown, Vikash Bhai and Neil Walker
Ensemble/Chorus: Gabriela Romanov, Kedeem Boyce, Simon Brandon, Ken Smart, Luke Fleming, Lewis Jeffrey, Stella Anderson, Pauline Nakirya, Cydney B. Dunbavin-Hands, Sophie Tergiest, Clare Buckingham, Esther-Grace Button, Eleni Papaioannou, Josie Catherine, Zory Burner, Christopher Panayi, Craig Hendry, Tara Aggarwal, Carmen C.Borras, Maggie Tolmie

Design and costumes: Ko-eun Lee
Lighting design: William Ingham
Assistant director: Fana Cioban
Dramaturge: Amanda Fromell
Production assistant: Philippa Kane
Producer: Neil Walker

“Bring the Bucket” is part of a double bill of new work exploring “Stories of London” curated by RichMix.

To book tickets:

BeFrank is a London-based international theatre company formed in 2010 by Artistic Director Tommy Lexen. The company focusses on subjects that encompass the bigger questions and highlight new perspectives on the world in which we live, both on a social and political level. We work from authentic source material, in a process where research, field studies and a dynamic development of expression results in a performance with high artistic and intellectual quality as well as being engaging, interesting and accessible for a larger non-political audience. We aim to push the audience experience beyond their comfort zone, without losing their trust or focus.

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