The Dream of Gerontius at Rochester Cathedral

Good afternoon friends, tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd of April, I’ll be performing The Dream of Gerontius with the Bexley Phenix Choir at Rochester Cathedral. It would be wonderful to see you there. See below for booking details. Cardinal Newman’s poem The Dream of Gerontius was written in 1865. It is about the journey of a… Continue reading The Dream of Gerontius at Rochester Cathedral

A Tinkling of Cymbals

A Tinkling of Cymbals by Ralph Doubleday

A third of a century ago, London Hospitals were different from today. Consultant Surgeons and Physicians were not yet team leaders but princes of the NHS. Nevertheless in the age of Margaret Thatcher, a few hospitals were allowing the glass ceiling to crack a little and fewer still were becoming Gay friendly places to work.… Continue reading A Tinkling of Cymbals

AWL Virgin Sunset

Virgin Sunset by Brian O'Connell

This video is a play reading from only two or three hours rehearsal. It is not a perfomance but an opportunity for the writer to revue progress. The cast have kindly given permmission for it to be recorded.