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Sybil Sangster (Rosemary Macvie) former ventriloquist turned map seller has become Britain’s oldest woman, putting her longevity down to good blood and a lifelong interest in other people! There have been a string of disappearances in the local area spanning quite some time, but could there be any connection?What’s Grandma’s Little Secret?

Find out in;


Written and directed by Simon Brandon

Starring: Rosemary Macvie, Simon Gibbons, Simon Brandon, Clive Ward and Nadia Ostacchini. Produced by Simon Brandon, Simon Gibbons and Keith Balderson.A short film, filmed entirely on the iPhone XS. Running time: 10 mins approx. Available from 8pm on THURSDAY 31st OCTOBER to watch for FREE on YouTubeFacebook and at

Ladybird Studios MMXIX

Rehearsed Reading

Baker and Dagger by Samantha Parry

Performance Notices Theatre

Love is a Minefield at the OSO Arts Centre

I will be appearing in Carolyn Pertwee’s play Love is a Minefield at the OSO Arts Centre on Thursday 15th March as part of Dispatches; an evening of new writing, starting at 8pm.

Details included below:

Dispatches: Scratch Writing at the OSO

Come see London’s newest theatrical voices! The OSO is hosting its inaugural scratch writing night, Dispatches, with seven short plays presented over the course of the evening followed by an opportunity to give your feedback to the writers. You’ll be helping build the next generation of both Barnes and London writing talent in an fantastic, unique opportunity to see and have a hand in all-new, exciting plays.

Thu 15 Mar 2018, 8:00PM Book Now

Rehearsed Reading

Love Bites by Melanie Ensor

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A Throne of Shadows Trailer

O’ timeless chair of unknown history,
Upon thy scaffold echos and mystery

A breath, a thought, a voice, imprinted forever on thy steely steadfast timbers.

Bring forth these souls enthroned in thy frame, that we may behold their stories … and their glories.

A Throne Of Shadows | A Simon Brandon Film |Inspired by William Shakespeare | Are you seated comfortably? Then we shall begin| Arriving Spring 2018|