Coming This Halloween

Sybil Sangster (Rosemary Macvie) former ventriloquist turned map seller has become Britain’s oldest woman, putting her longevity down to good blood and a lifelong interest in other people! There have been a string of disappearances in the local area spanning quite some time, but could there be any connection?What’s Grandma’s Little Secret? Find out in;… Continue reading Coming This Halloween

Love is a Minefield at the OSO Arts Centre

I will be appearing in Carolyn Pertwee’s play Love is a Minefield at the OSO Arts Centre on Thursday 15th March as part of Dispatches; an evening of new writing, starting at 8pm. Details included below: Dispatches: Scratch Writing at the OSO Come see London’s newest theatrical voices! The OSO is hosting its inaugural scratch… Continue reading Love is a Minefield at the OSO Arts Centre

A Throne of Shadows Trailer

O’ timeless chair of unknown history, Upon thy scaffold echos and mystery A breath, a thought, a voice, imprinted forever on thy steely steadfast timbers. Bring forth these souls enthroned in thy frame, that we may behold their stories … and their glories. A Throne Of Shadows | A Simon Brandon Film |Inspired by William… Continue reading A Throne of Shadows Trailer